Working with me is both affordable and easy, as I strive to provide you with a premium service at a reasonable price. Whatever the nature of your business and website or service you require, you can rest assured that it will be approached with diligence to high standards of workmanship and care. I am privileged to have people's trust to work with them on such important matters of livelihood and I take that responsibility seriously.

I love that I am helpful to other people and I am constantly seeking to improve in all aspects of what I do, both in terms of the tech skills, customer service, and business-theory savvy, so as to bring the most value and success to you. If you have any questions, head over to FAQs and do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Pricing Guideline

I don't really do packages anymore, these plans are here to serve as a guideline of what you can expect from an hourly rate with my services. (Working by hourly rate with me provides you with the best value.)


Most Flexible

Hourly Rate

$30.00 per hour USD

Build by the hour | PAYG
Flexible Website Plan
Updates | Alterations
Existing Website
Editing & Handling
Image | Audio | Video
Design | Setup | Automate

Customized Website

Basic level

$400 - $1000 USD

Basic Assistance
Theme template
Minimal Cusomization
A handful of pages
Basic Pages
3 Months
Support & Maintenance

My strengths are my attention to quality and detail, my desire to learn and understand, and most importantly my determination to problem-solve and find solutions. I love being surprised by the results of the creative work.

Rachan Website Designer

Customized Website


$1000 - $2000 USD

Advanced assistance
Advanced Content
Theme template
Advanced Customization
More than just a handful
More Pages
3 Months
Support & Maintenance

Specialized Website


$2000 - $3500+ USD

Premium assistance
Advanced Content
Complex Themes
Advanced Customization
Quite a few
Advanced Pages
3 Months
Support & Maintenance