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rachan-chindarsi-affordable-amazing-duo-webdesign-wordpress-multimedia-chiang-mai-copenhagen-perth-bali-byron-bay-3Rachan is a freelance web designer and multimedia expert who has, over the past few years with his wife Indigomoon (Women’s Mentor and Menstrual Cycle Expert), lived for periods of time in Chiang Mai, Byron Bay, Perth, Bali, Copenhagen, and other areas around world.

Fascinated by the art of communication, Rachan started with a BA in English before going on to study Film & Video production for his Masters. With the latter he acquired computer editing skills in video/audio/image on various professional multimedia software programs. And thus began his introduction to how awesome computers can be. Working with websites, Rachan carries both the language skills and the multimedia skills he gained at University with him to the online playing field of creative communication for businesses.

Constantly seeking to improve in tech skills as well as business-theory savvy, Rachan’s passion is to create and develop beautiful and persuasive websites. His strengths include his attention to quality and detail, his desire to learn and understand, and most importantly, his determination to problem-solve and find solutions. Rachan loves being surprised by the results of his creative work.

Supporting Sustainable & Conscious Living

Rachan has long been active in supporting the environment, having been involved in forest blockading and demonstrating against outdated coal power stations in SW Australia in the past. His lifestyle choices include wearing mostly secondhand clothes and buying organic produce. He also happens to be a raw vegan of over 12 years | vegan of over 17 years | vegetarian of over 20 years. He loves being close to nature and also loves composting in the garden and planting food. Rachan plans to put his online skills towards creating positive change in the world, with a focus on sustainable and conscious community lifestyle.